Media Selection
Here you can view any of a wide range of ministerial media projects.

The Audio Archive is intended to allow members, visitors, and guest a way that they can listen to a positive Christian message, music, etc. anytime that they are around a computer, anywhere in the world.  Whether at work, at home, or on the go, this is a useful tool in maintaining a strong connection to God.  To sign up for our Podcast, click here.

The Baptisms of The PAV : The Connect Point is where you can view every baptism performed here since February 2008.  Whether you are looking for your own baptism footage or just wanting to see something that is both uplifting and encouraging, you can find it here as you are able to witness as someone progresses towards Heaven and fulfills the commandment of being "born of the water" by being baptized in Jesus Name.

The Choir & Praise Music link contains files are intended to allow members of the Church Choir and Church Praise Team to have access to practice so to allow the best possible preformance on Sundays and Thursdays for service as well as for special preformances such as dramas, plays, and other preformances...

LIVE! Broadcasting allows you to be a part of our weekly worship services and hear the teachings and preachings of The Pentecostals of the Antelope Valley : The Connect Point where ever you may be just as if you were sitting in our congregation, so that you can always stay connected, even when your away.

With our convienient Archived Service feature you can view a service that you missed or relive a service that touched your heart and rejuvinated your spirit here at The Pentecostals of the Antelope Valley : The Connect Point.  It is our earnest prayer that you have your relationship with God strengthened through our ministry and this is an easy way to make sure that that happens.

You can catch up on all of the latest from the Pentecostals of the Antelope Valley : The Connect Point in your mobile phone by accessing our .Mobi Feed by typing into your mobile device and instantly you'll be in the middle of the action and feel the power and life altering movement of the Holy Ghost just as if you were right there.

The Sermon Videos are posted online so that those who were unable to attend a particular service they can view the message of that day, or maybe there was a message that ministered to their life on a deeper level and they wanted to go back and let a friend or family member see what all the fuss was about.

The Yfactor iMotion Video Archive is a direct link to the Video Ministry of our Yfactor Youth Group and these videos are meant to be a way to minister to the youth of today, as well as a means to better understand God's will for our lives.