The Connect Point now offers you the option of giving online!  Whether you want to pay your tithes, give an offering, fulfill your monthly pledge to Missionaries supported by the PAV, or donate to another fund, you can do so online, even making contributions to multiple funds with one transaction.  All you have to do is click on the link below that matches the type of giving that you would like to contribute to.
If you are not a member of the PAV : The Connect Point but you would still like to support what we are striving to accomplish through our ministry, then please feel free to give as you desire by clickinig on the link to the right.  Thank you have a wonderful day, and may the Lord bless you.
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Foreign Missions
Mpact Men
Women of Worth
Yfactor Youth
For everyone wishing to contribute to helping with our Annual Sheaves for Christ Offering, please use the Donation button to the right.  This money is raise to support the Foreign Missionaries of the United Pentecostal Church by providing them with vehicles, bicycles, and other forms of transportation to better allow them to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with all the world.  These funds also help to support The Lighthouse Ranch for Boys, Tupelo Children's Mansion, provides property grants for Home Missions,  collegiate scholarships for students pursuing Christian Education, the movement of the gospel through the internet and airways, and helps chemically dependent individuals and their families recover from drug and alcohol-related problems.
If you would like to help to sponsor our Church Building Fund so that we can more effectively reach and minister to the growing needs of our community and the surronding areas as God leads, then please do so by clicking on the link to the right of this message.
If you would like to assist in reaching the members of our community who are currently chemically dependent or who struggle with alcoholism, drug addiction, or other substance abuse problems through Spirit of Freedom Ministries please use the donation button on the right of this message.